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Deep Rich Toner

Most popular toner, a cult favourite, rave by many K-Beauties!

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Whamisa Deep Rich Toner

It’s a Whamisa dream come true!

@myfavourethings / Instagram
Cleansing Foam

Regarding its long term performance, it’s really gentle with my skin and it has become the go-to of my boyfriend as well (important note: he has sensitive skin). For that reason, its natural ingredients and its good results cleaning my skin.

@toktokpibu / Instagram
Whamisa Sea Kelp

This sea kelp sheet mask by Whamisa is very moisturizing and smoothing. 👌🏻 I used it yesterday evening after sauna and it worked like a charm. 👑 I can highly recommend this product if you want hydration and glowing skin.

@satu_ra / Instagram
Whamisa Eye Essence

I 💞 this eye cream!! 😍 Makes a huge difference for some ageing spots I’ve started to notice that are popping up around my eyes 😕⠀

@myskincarereality / Instagram
Whamisa Body Lotion

Moisturising as it should be. Quality product

Yenni S. / Website
Whamisa Masks

I purchased these and they arrived promptly. I wore one on a long haul flight as they were clear gel masks (looked a bit better than white sheet masks!) and they were very hydrating. There’s lots of serum in the pack which I patted on and it felt very luxurious. I have also stored them in the fridge to put on after a long day – which works great too! I love Whamisa’s ingredients too, the masks are made of aloe vera and boasts a clean ingredient list. Highly recommend for a treat!

Jia T / Website

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