Do you need to use toner?

Toner is a must in Korean’s skincare routine. Why? Toner is great for a good purifying and cleansing routine. Toner not only removes dirt or leftover cleanser, it balances the skin’s natural pH levels with it’s soothing ingredients and moisturise your skin. Our toners have good moisturising and anti-aging ingredients that will work to pamper your skin condition and protect it from harmful environment.

We’ve been experimenting with some other uses for these amazing smelling toners and would like to share them with you!


7 Skin Method!

Yes, our most popular 7 Skin Method with our toners. Simply explain: “7 Skin Method” is the layering toner technique to hydrates the skin – the latest #Kbeauty craze. Read our article on how to use this method in your routine.

Updated Dec 2019: Kindly use layering method with our toners with caution due to an introduction of a PHA ingredient.


De-puffing Eye Mask

Waking up to puffy under bags or a lot of lines due to dryness? For a quick refreshing eye mask, use your round cotton pad and cut them into halves. Then, douse with your toner and apply it under your eyes. Even more soothing if the toner has been in the fridge! The colder cotton pad will help in reducing the swelling. This will help to rehydrate tired skin.


DIY Face Mask

DIY Face Mask is what we call “skin pack” in Korean. It’s the quickest, easiest way to hydrate, calm, and even out skin in under five minutes, and you can do this morning or night. You can use your cotton pads and douse them with toner, then leave on your face for 5 minutes, or you can also buy a cotton face mask that you can use to douse with toner, and apply the face mask for 15 minutes. The DIY Face Cotton Mask can be purchase from Daiso or eBay. We might have some in-stock. Just leave us a note in your order to get some free DIY cotton mask from us!

Read how @Jorea.Journey make her own DIY Mask with our Toner, Mist and Facial Oil.



Face Mist!

We have Mist toner available in travel sizes that is super handy to bring along in your bags or in-flight travel. The mist toner is a saver for days where you need a quick hydration and on the run!

Damask Mist Olive
Damask Mist Olive


Hydrate your Pout!

Do you have flaky lips? Soak a cotton pad with toner and set it on your lips for 5 minutes. This can help to smooth and hydrate your pucker! Never thought of this did ya? We love this hack so much especially before our make up / lipstick!


Mix toner in your sun screen or foundation

Do you need the extra hydration? Mix toner into foundation, sun screen or even some mixture of facial powder for that extra moist.


You’ll no longer look at toner bottles and ask, “Why are they so big?” Instead, you’ll say, “Ugh, there’s not enough!”



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