Dec 2019

Due to introduction of a PHA component in our toners, kindly use the layering method with caution.


We all want to achieve our #chokchok skin via the #7skinmethod with Whamisa Deep Rich Toner.

7 Skin Method

Simply explain: “7 Skin Method” is the layering toner technique to hydrates the skin – the latest #Kbeauty craze.

Finding your ideal number of layers: Depending on your skin type or skin condition, you can follow the ”7 Skin Method” or “3 Skin Method” or a simple “1 Step”.

Whilst Deep Rich Toner is formulated for all skin type, it may be too rich for some, therefore a “little goes a long way”.

You can achieve the skin methods with all our toners.

Great also for oily skin during summer when you don’t need plenty of moisturiser but needing the hydration and firming skin.

If you are new to the Korean “7 Skin Method” we advise that you start with about 2-3 “layers” of the toner and only slowly increase in intensity. It is essential to understand what your skin requires. If the skin feels perfectly hydrated after 3 or 4 “layers” there is no reason to push through to 7 “layers”. Moreover, the skin’s needs could vary depending on the type of skin you have, weather conditions and the season. Apart from this, it is also possible to apply a moisturiser after the toner layering.

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