Whamisa's Scent?

“it smells a bit like herbs”

Whamisa is known to have a unique scent of nature that some fell in love with easily and some may take time for their love to grow. Our R&D team is dedicated to only use natural and organic ingredients, fermented with botanical extracts of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds, therefore the herbaceous scent retains in each of our product.

Natural Ingredients:

Whamisa believes in the power of natural ingredients therefore we use only quality organic ingredients whenever possible. Most of our products are over 90% organic! Our products are created with sensitive skin in mind. We are the pioneer of using fermentation process in making ingredients more effective for superior absorption into inner layers of skin.

No Water?

Whamisa brings you only botanical extracts of aloe and rice that is packed with nutrients.

Vegan Friendly?

All products are made from natural ingredients and vegetarian friendly. Whilst we have vegan friendly products, some products include ingredients from bees (beeswax, honey or royal jelly). Please check ingredients carefully if this is an issue for you.

Gluten Free?

Some of our products are made of without gluten ingredients, however there may be traces of gluten due to sharing manufacturing facilities.

Whamisa also supports global causes , a portion of ever Whamisa product sold will contribute towards Korean International Relief Development NGO Good Neighbours.
Where do you ship from?

All Whamisa products are directly from company R&D headquarter, based in Korea, therefore products are labelled Made in Korea.

Products are carefully managed and despatched to you from our warehouse in Australia.


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