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Damask Olive Leaf Mist Toner


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95.14% organic ingredients, BDIH certified.

This lightweight mist is very versatile and great for providing your skin with a little energy boost when needed. Olive leaves have high antioxidants content and instantly hydrate skin for a healthy, youthful look. The mist is water free and uses aloe maculata leaf extract as the base for maximum benefits and hydrating properties. Ingredients like rice, oats and chrysanthemum are fermented with our signature process to better preserve natural benefits and effectively hydrate and tone on-the-go.


Directions for use
 Spray mist towards face to hydrate skin whenever needed. Pat into skin to aid absorption. Can be used prior to and after makeup to refresh 
80 ml
By Skin Type/Concern
For all skin types



Tips: This mist is an ideal travel partner as it can be use as a toner, helping you to pack light. The mist is also carry-on friendly at 80 ml so you can take it on board flight to cope with the dry and congested environment



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(* Certified Organically Grown ** Natural Origin *** Natural Preservative ☆ Ecocert ★ Whamisa's Complex-4 / Bergamot Oil Bergaptene Free)

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