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The 7 days Sheet Mask Set


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Planning for an upcoming big event and need to get a flawless skin by then or just need a good pampering because you're worth it?

Try our 7 days sheet mask routine to help you out.

The 7 days Sheet Mask Set

      • 2 x Flower Hydrogel Mask Sheets
      • 2 x Seed Hydrogel Mask Sheets
      • 2 x Fruit Hydrogel Mask Sheets
      • 1 x Kelp Mask (start with this on 1st day)



Note: 🗣 Do not use Sea Kelp Mask after an intensive exfoliating skin treatment or if you have open wound. 

On kelp mask - manufacturing (제조) date.
 On hydrogel - mask use-by (까지) date.


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(* Certified Organically Grown ** Natural Origin *** Natural Preservative ☆ Ecocert ★ Whamisa's Complex-4 / Bergamot Oil Bergaptene Free)

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