We welcome any requests and know that many of you work on tight deadlines so we will get back to you shortly.

Looking to collaborate with us?

While we are not actively looking at the moment, however we’d love to hear from you! If you are wanting to find out how to collaborate with us, please send through your media kit for review. 

We take all application seriously, therefore it’s mandatory to include your media kit or company media kit with your email. We may not respond to your interest without a media kit. 

Your media kit must detailed the information of all the social media you are currently active in and the stats of your followers or subscribers including the demographic; Your services offer to us and which platform are you planning to collaborate in. Please include an About You briefly with your full contact information: Full Name, Email Address,  Mailing Address & Phone Number. 

Preferably Media Kit in English only.

If we are interested, you’ll hear from us within the next 5 business days.

Email: media@whamisa.com.au

For businesses who are wishing to collaborate with us, kindly visit our Wholesale Inquiry Page