We’ve get quite a number of queries about products for oily skin or acne prone skin, therefore we thought to share some information on choosing the skincare products suitable for oily or acne-prone skin. Choosing natural products that are formulated for oily or acne-prone skin are generally for non-irritating when used. However, do you know some natural oils formulation may or may not agree with your skin types? It’s like learning about pH level, we also need to learn about the natural oil level or type that is suitable for your skin type.
Refer the image below to understand where you are categorised in the natural oil type. <source>
  Oils categorised in Omega 9 are monounsaturated fatty acid which is richer and heavier so they seal in moisture effectively for dry skin type. Those concerned with aging skin may also like high-omega-9 oils that are rich in antioxidants.  
Oils categorised in Omega 6 are unsaturated fatty acid and suitable for oily, acne prone or sensitive skin types.
This type of oil makes for a lighter oil with a thinner consistency. These oils will still nourish and protect skin without being too heavy.
Acne prone skin type has a deficiency in Omega 6 therefore their sebum tends to be thicker and sticky which result in clogging up pores & collecting bacteria. Always the culprit of acnes and bumps on skin. Best to avoid any chemical formulation skin types and good diet will help too.
Skin Types: Combination, Dry, Aging Skin
Skin Types: Oily, Acne Prone, Sensitive Skin
  Just because a product are formulated with different natural ingredients segregated above, it doesn’t mean that the entire formula (i.e., the product) will clog pores and cause breakouts. Your skin routine will need to change according to season and age group. So it’s always important to do your research or test the product when in doubt!     Disclaimer: A simple guidelines as a rule of thumb, kindly research further for your skin type.      
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