How to help an oily skin without using harsh ingredients?

We only use natural and organic ingredients to formulate all of our products.

Whamisa believes in the power of natural ingredients therefore we use only quality organic ingredients whenever possible. Most of our products are over 90% organic! Our products are created with sensitive skin in mind. We are the pioneer of using fermentation process in making ingredients more effective for superior absorption into inner layers of skin. All natural, the cruelty free formula does not contain fillers or harmful fragrances, dyes, parabens or sulphates, synthetic, petrochemicals, silicon, EDTA

Do you sometime feel that after a good cleansing or exfoliating, your skin feels so much cleaner but in a few minutes or so, maybe an hour later, your skin starts to become greasy again? You’ll be surprise if we tell you that your skin’s sebum is secreting a lot of oil because your skin’s condition is dry. Most times, for oily skin, we tend to over cleanse or over exfoliate. The products we use tend be too harsh for our skin type.

With excess sebum production, the sebum tends to be thick and sticky, therefore clogging pores and collecting bacterias. Such a great place for acnes to breed!

 Double cleansing

If you haven’t already, add cleansing oil to your routine of cleansing and wash off with a cleanser. The cleansing oil will attract the sebum and yucky stuff inside the pores out of the way! Massage with the cleansing oil for few minutes and complete the double cleans with a cleanser that washes off all the impurities and oil. Myth: Oil base cleanser makes your face oilier. Well, not if you wash it away right after! Find a cleanser that will not strip off moisture.




Over exfoliation can actually cause your skin to dry out and produce even more oil. The dermatologists agreed that a scrub is the right choice for oily skin, especially because it helps break up impurities and wash them away. Therefore, using any scrubbing products or Whamisa finger mitts to scrub away the dead skin cell and impurities helps the skin to be more receptive to your skincare products. Exfoliate every 2-3 times a week is good for the skin.



Plump up your skin with toner, moisturiser and facial oil! Occasionally with masks too! Selecting the right set of products allow your skin to absorb the moisture and let the sebum production know that you have enough of hydration. Therefore, there isn’t any need for your skin to produce more sebum in the long run. Our Refresh Toner works really well to calm down inflammation skin, hydrate dry skin without too rich and reduce the sebum production gradually. Combining with our Sebum Treatment helps to control the sebum as well as hydrating the skin. Then lock in the moisture with our lotion or facial oil.




Masking is great to hydrate the skin and control oil secretion. A proper masks selection is crucial to achieve a better sebum control and yet would not strip off moisture. Whamisa masks are great for these purpose. For acne and oily skin, use our hydrogel mask and for purely oily skin, our kelp mask is the best to start with. Once you have your acne wound under control, then try our kelp mask next.




  Drink Water!!!

Drink a lot of water to help the body wash away the nasty food we eat! Water cleanse the soul and hence give you a better complexion.



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