what makes OOLU special?

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Oolu, is a carefully formulated mixture selected with help by doctors. Natural ingredients of Oolu will take you to a whole new level of beauty. The doctors behind Oolu, believe natural beauty is skin deep, so they curated floral leaves that help strengthen skin’s self-regenerating powers. A 1,656-hour process from selection to blending and steeping maximises the natural benefits of these organic ingredients. Then the premium products, from toning mists to mask packs, are hand-made to ensure the highest quality. As they say, true beauty takes patience! 

One bottle of Oolu is made by hand with the wonder of natural and organic ingredients. Yep, no machine involved!

To make one bottle of Oolu, all process goes through  95 hours of picking & sorting, 360 hours of washing and drying, 96 hours of screening to eliminate foreign materials, 960 hours to extract organic ingredients, 96 hours to blend raw materials, 48 hours of natural preservation process, and after 1655 hours of waiting, Oolu is born.

Made in Korea.

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