Based on 79 reviews
Age: 18-30
Skin Type: Dry
Seeds Hydrogel Mask

Really good quality mask!

Age: 51-60
Skin Type: Aging
Great stuff

A little goes a long way as I only use it to tame a few flyaways and the odd bit of frizz.

Age: 41-50
Skin Type: Combination
Love it

You only need to use a tiny bit of this and it cleans the face really well. I use it after a balm make up remover and this removes any excess balm or residue off the skin.

Age: 41-50
Skin Type: Aging

BB Pact Natural Expression - NEW!

Age: 18-30
Skin Type: Combination

This lotion is the only lotion so far that works well for my skin. I use this during my day routine as a light lotion before my day moisturiser. The lotion is easy to apply and absorb to the skin. It is very cooling and calming to my skin. Though pricey but I will re-purchase

Facial Oil
Age: 18-30
Skin Type: Combination

Amazing face oil does not irritate , I used 2-3 drops at the final step of my skin routine and it gives you a very nice healthy glow to your skin. Though a bit pricey but it did the job for me.

Age: 41-50
Skin Type: Combination

Nourishing Cream

Age: 31-40
Skin Type: Combination, Oily / Acne Prone, Hormonal Acnes, T-Zone Oily

Whamisa Kit - Loose Set

Age: 41-50
Skin Type: Normal
Very happy

I purchased the loose set (travel/sample size) skincare and I'm extremely happy. The small bottles are excellent when you want to try their products. I'm nearly finished some of them and would be happy or buy some more. I am finding with each day I need less product as my skin is improving. I also look forward to trying the hand cream in the future. Christine

Age: 41-50
Skin Type: Combination

Extremely moisturizing!!!!

Age: 18-30
Skin Type: Combination

Toner Deep Rich

Age: 18-30
Skin Type: Combination
Eye cream

I really loved it .. it made a huge difference after applying the eye cream

Best products

I bought it for myself, but I used it on my 5 years old dry sore cracked hand , it work immediately, after only 3 application , it 100% recovery.

Cleans without stripping

The first time I used Whamisa shampoos I was blown away. Yes expensive however you dont need to use very much. Its low foam and when you rinse it feels amazingly soft. Some people may find you don‰Ûªt need conditioner however I love to use the Hair Treatment and leave it in while getting on with my shower, then it‰Ûªs ready to rinse out. To finish things off, just a tiny amount of the Hair essence to tame any flyaways. I‰Ûªll never buy supermarket or salon products ever again as most of them contain silicones which build up in your hair, they‰Ûªre watered down and contain SLS‰Ûª, detergents, chemicals etc. Since using the above regime my hair is looking great with way less breakage. Very happy!

Help my acne

It really help my acne , love it . Going to try deep rich after clear out all acne

Great product!

Love this toner and will definitely repurchase. Its has a really subtle scent and my feels very nice when applied.

The best part is it

The best part is it moisturise my skin well so I dont have to use moisturiser and it saves me money too.

Felt amazing on my scalp

Love this tonic, I used it up too quickly. When getting my next bottle will use more sparingly!

Love this toner

I've been looking for a hydrating toner and I'm loving this one so far! I've tried this with the 7 skin method and it keeps my skin plump and bouncy!

Moisturising as it should be.

Moisturising as it should be. Quality product

Amazing moisturiser

If you have acne you'll love this moisturiser. Its lovely and light with beautiful ingredients. It hydrates effectively and will not cause breakouts.

Multi purpose

Beautiful cleansing water. Its great for a double cleanse in the morning or you can use it on its own to cleanse when running late.
Love the skin loving ingredients!


recently bought whamisa deep rich toner wow what a great product not too heavy I am using on the 4-5 skin step every day most times twice a day and my skin is so plumped and bouncy I do alternate with another Korean fermented essence-toner but love this one I am an older lady but this works will purchase again

So worth it

So moisturising and my the best essence Ive ever tried. Better than SKll.


Lovely scent, soothing and smoothing all around the eye area. A tiny amount goes a long way, love the ingredients!