Is there really a difference between a $2 and $6 sheet mask? What about a $20 mask?

As we know, spending on cosmetics such as lipstick, cleanser or eyeliner can cost more than $10. But would you spend the $10 on a single-use sheet mask? Especially when there are so many options with $2-$3 masks?

So why does sheet masks cost varies? 

Material Matters…

A mask with fiber / cotton may not cling to skin well or stay saturated as long as a hydrogel or bio-cellulose mask. Masks made of hydrogel and bio-cellulose are pricer as they are made purely with ingredients that have the ability to hold on to water, making them great hydrators to soothe and calm sensitive skins. 

Whamisa Hydrogel Masks

Our masks are made of ingredients and aloe to form the hydrogel mask and jam pack with a lot of essence for an instant boost to deeply hydrate and relieve stressed skin. The mask adheres to the skin nicely and can stay saturated for 20 minutes or depending on the condition of your room’s weather. 

Whamisa hydrogel mask


Whamisa Real Kelp Mask

The real kelp mask is simply made of natural kelp with a total of 32 natural and organic ingredients provide the skin with intensive moisture and give it a radiance appearance. This 100% sea kelp mask is soaked in radiance-restoring (active ingredients) serum to brighten, smooth and nourish skin. 

This amazing mask is truly made from sea kelp therefore you’ll notice a strong scent of the sea kelp. Once when you place over your face, it would reminds you of the sea.

The active ingredients may be too strong for some sensitive skin. 

whamisa real kelp mask

Would you splurge on a mask?

Well, that depends on your budget and your preference.   Masking is always a special treat to your dehydrated skin. It does make a huge difference in wearing different type of materials. Some cotton or fiber mask may irritate sensitive skin but works for most people. Hydrogel gives you that soothing and cooling texture that is very skin-like to stay moisture on your skin and it’s great for all skin types. And, it’s jam-packed with ingredients that forms the gel unlike cotton or fiber sheet mask.


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