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We value our products and want others to supply it with the same love and intent in which it was made. Here are a few guidelines to becoming a stockist:

  • Have an active ABN number, active website, social media presence and/or a business address that shows signs of business activity.
  • Plan to retail Whamisa at the RRP so as not to undercut other retailers..
  • Have a niche in your community that offers similar goods and allied services to stand out from any similar businesses in your area. 



These terms and conditions apply to the supply of all goods by Whamisa to you from the date that you accept these terms and conditions.  You accept these terms and conditions when you submit an order, accept a delivery and/or make full payment to Whamisa for any goods supplied by us.

If you are provided any wholesale information, you must keep that information strictly confidential, and you must not disclose it to any other person, or permit another person from accessing our wholesale information. Please allow up to 5 working days for your inquiries to be assessed by us. We will be in touch via email by our team, and granted permission to access our wholesale price list.

Recommended Retail Price must be strictly followed.

Subscription Box Collaboration 

We appreciate how your customers would really love to have our products to be included in your subscription boxes, however we do not provide free products or gifting collaboration. We are happy to provide our wholesale supply pricing with each collaboration. 


A minimum order + quantity per product (SKU) requirements are in place for all orders.

Minimum order requirements will be outlined in your welcome letter once we’ve assessed your inquiries.



An order maybe declined if order minimums are not met.

There is strictly “NO” deliveries to PO Boxes, Parcel Bags or Parcel Lockers. You are unable to change your order products or delivery details or email for your confirmed order. Please be diligent. Once your order has been processed and submitted, delivery address cannot be changed.



Whamisa is available for wholesale enquiries from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.



Whamisa do not supply samples by default. If you need to test our products, purchase one of our mini travel set online to try.



All goods must be checked on arrival.  Please consider transit insurance if you feel you may require it.



Please contact us with information regarding your request for a return. Whamisa is under no obligation to accept goods for return i.e. for replacement or credit claim, and may refuse to at our discretion and without reason.  If a return is accepted the responsibility of the freight charge is that of the sender and a restocking fee of 30%-60% is chargeable.



All wholesale Prices shown are exclusive of GST and subject to change depending on movements.



We accept EFT payments, please use your order number or store name as a reference and email your remittance advise as proof of payment.

Whamisa charges a merchant fee on credit card. Credit card payments can be made by contacting Whamisa to arrange a manual payment over the phone.

If payment is not received within 10 business days of the order being placed, your order will automatically be cancelled.



Whamisa has the right to refuse trade or credit.

Whamisa has the right to cancel a wholesale agreement if stock is not replenished and/or if an order is not received within a 12-month period.

Whamisa will immediately stop supplying and terminate the supply agreement with no prior notice if our Recommended Retail Price is not follow through . In such case, you will take full responsibilities for any loss, damage or cost.


Whamisa has the right to vary these terms and conditions at anytime without notice.